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A mobile app for exchanging Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and received major media coverage over the years. However, the current methods for buying bitcoin are fairly difficult and there is still yet no streamline process doing so. Bitcoin has yet to cross the chasm into mainstream use as majority still don't understand the blockchain or know what a ledger is. 

Project Goals

1. Accessibility:

Serve as a more accessible and affordable way for trading and exchanging bitcoin andother digital currencies with lower fees


2. Awareness:

Increase the adoption of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

3. Stigma:

Reduce stigma surrounding bitcoin and other digital currencies


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Research Goal




Primary Research

To understand why more people aren't using bitcoin and why it hasn’t achieved mainstream use

I believe by designing a more compelling and practical experience, my app will persuade more people into purchasing and trading digital currencies. I believe this will increase the adoption of bitcoin and help lead it into mainstream use

People still have a lot of concerns when it relates to digital currencies as the majority still don't understand the blockchain or know how a ledger works. A lot of people are purchasing Bitcoin through other means such as ATMs, as these procedures are simpler and required no onboarding

Interviews, Experience Mapping, User testing, Task flow


I Reached out to both tech savvy and non tech savvy users who aware of bitcoin and thought of or purchased it in the past


Key Finding

"87 percent of the individuals who have heard of bitcoin have not minded, bought or sold the cryptocurrency."




There is still a lot of room for in improvement in regards to the accessibility of purchasing and trading bitcoin online. Current methods require extensive and often complicated onboarding procedures


More people are seeing bitcoin as a valuable store of value. However, there is still a lot of concern in regarding to the volotile market of digital currencies


There is a lot of concerns when it related to the secure storage of bitcoin and other digital currencies


The exposure relating to bitcoin and other digital currencies has drastically increased over the years, as more people are looking to enter into the crypto space

How might we streamline the process and improve onboarding for trading and storing bitcoin?


I created two persona that best embodied the archetypes of the target audience


Experience Map

I created an experience map of the primary persona Lisa Anderson to visualize her areas of frustration and highlight areas of opportunity 


Task Flow

After creating and organizing user stories, the core task was chosen. I used the Task flow diagram to map out what happens to the user before and after they visit a particular page

Group 20



I used sketches to help explore different layout possibilities, which eventually transitioned into Sketch, Principle and later prototyped with InVision



The first round of prototypes was created from the selected sketches I created, then tested by five users that best matched the target demographic


User Testing

User testing sessions were an important and insightful stage in the process of this project

In this stage, two rounds of five users tests were conducted on greyscale prototypes. This helped to understand each user’s success rate and time they spent to complete each task

Untitled presentation



Round 1

After running the first round of users tests it was made clear that users often confused  “Portfolio with “Profile” as meaning the same thing. It was also evident that users were confused by some of the values contained in the graph of the “Portfolio” page. This made it clear that more concise language need to be used (copywriting). Users also found icons and font size to be small, this showed a lack hierarchy to represent the important values. When attempting to increase the font size in the “Exchange” page it was uncovered that the initial design was limited due to its layout and positioning on the page

Round 2

After the second round of user tests, it was noticeable that more concise language need to be used in relation “Max” and it’s intended purpose. It was also noted, that the market value contained in the middle of the “Exchange” page didn’t add much value to the user and was distracting. In addition, users felt that the design could use more padding

Visual Identity 


I designed the logo in a way that the K in krypto contains dots that mimic a charts progression, while completing the structure of the letter itself


Brand Name

The Word Krypto comes from crypto but spelt with a K. I selected this name because easily relates to it’s  intended purpose, at the same timen being different and edgy

Primary Colour

I selected these colours because they adds depth to an otherwise flat design, dares to be different and makes a bold statement. It helps channel users emotions, helping audiences connect with the product. Gradient use in brand colours is a growing trend since 2018 and has only been growing in popularity. I believe through the use gradients in design, it helps to distinguish the brand from commonly used colours and adds a touch of uniqueness



Purple (#9014EE)

Wealth, extravagance, royalty and power

Blue (#3905CD)

The sky and sea, associated with freedom and has positive effects on the mind and body

Hi Fidelity

After the second round of user testing and getting viable feedback on second prototype redesign, I then transitioned high fidelity prototype

Motion Design

I created some animations using Principle and Photoshop to make the app more interactive and help build brand recognition 



Addition Work

Marketing Website

I have created a marketing website with both desktop and mobile versions. This adds an additional channel by which users can discover and download the digital product


Alternate Platform

Web version


Apple Watch

I created an alternative platform on the Apple Watch to give users the opportunity to see their wallet balance and set price alerts for digital currencies


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Don't get attached to your own design. You are not your design

I realized how important it is as a designer to always be adapting, be open to change, as if you dont, you limit your options

Design Impact

Make bitcoin easy

Krypto simplifies the process for trading bitcoin and other digital currencies by attempting to build the most intuitive and seamless trading platform.

Future Thinking

What happens when bitcoin crosses the chasm into mainstream use?

If bitcoin would achieve mass adoption it would lead to a shift in paradigm.

As with any political or technological paradigm shift, there would be a massive chaotic movement, leading to change for the better and a new stability. Banks would have to change. Government would have to change. The market would call for this change. 

Bitcoin will displace the middle man; it will potentially replace CAD/USD exchange as the leader in XFC; it will challenge the gold standard; it will become the stable storage of value in the market; and, eventually it becomes the secure, reliable accepted means of transaction globally.

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