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About Me

I'm Michal, a Product (UX/UI) Designer with a background in project management and entrepreneurship (focused on blockchain technology). My recent work experiences have all been at startups, where I've had the opportunity to wear many different hats. This ranged from conducting in-depth field research as a designer to shaping vision and strategy as a founder, all while providing inspirational leadership.

During my free time, I enjoy various activities like playing video games (currently Palword) and hitting the soccer field. I'm also passionate about user experience design and constantly expanding my knowledge in this field. Currently, I'm captivated by VR/AR/XR technology, immersing myself in learning C# to develop with Unity and exploring tools like Blender and ShapesXR. My latest addition, the Quest 3 headset, has been my go-to for experimenting and diving deeper into virtual experiences.