Design is a continuous puzzle -  

that I am devotedly engaged in solving

Hi, I'm Michal

Working as a project manager in the construction industry, I sometimes had to deal with difficult people with a wide range of skill sets and abilities. With this, I became an expert in conflict resolution, learning effective communication and approach each situation based on the individual’s personality and not putting them in the defensive, instead, working with them to uncover a solution.

As an entrepreneur, I learned the necessary skills and required mindset for running a successful company. Having a vast amount of customer interactions, I was able to dive deep into understanding the end-users pain points. Being able to empathize with the end-user, I was able to paint a clearer picture of their needs and the value proposition, ensuring they were always in alignment.

At Qoor, I had to learn about a new field like machine learning and AI. Being thrown straight into the fire, I quickly gained confidence, conducting competitive analysis on the market landscape, identifying gaps in the market, outlining customer pain-points and presenting the findings to the executive team and key stakeholders. Now, as the lead experience designer, I have the confidence and abilities to lead design sprints, manage teams and contribute to the design system and language that is adapted at Qoor today.


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