Hello, 👋 I’m Michal Domanski,
a product designer currently based in Canada. I leverage my entrepreneur and product design experience to design products that harmoniously consider the needs of the business and the end-users.



My inquisitiveness for innovation and technology, along with the eagerness to learn, took me on a journey from being a project manager in the construction industry to running my own bitcoin atm company, which presently translates to my current role as an experience designer working for a startup.

How has this defined my career and shaped me today?

As a designer, I create interactions that are effortless for users with pixel-perfect front-end design, along with engaging animations and compelling prototypes that consider the needs of both the business and end-user.

In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, investing in stocks, listening to podcasts, playing video games and scaling up mountains on hiking adventures. I’m continuously honing my skills and learning about how design and technology can help us live better lives. Not to mention my own project under wraps, but you will have to ask me about that =)-

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